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2017 Chinese Classes:

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1/19/2017 New School year classes of Fall 2017-Spring 2018 are posted.

School calendar:2016-2017  2017-2018

11/27/2016 Two more weeks, class in Fall 2016 will be completed. Last class day is 12/10 or 12/11/2016. Spring 2017 start on 1/7 Saturday or 1/8/2017 Sunday.

8/17/2016 介绍关于周一晚上preAP课的问题:preAP Alternate 课程与作业 just posted.

6/27/2016 回答奥斯汀家长最近关于AP课的问题:AP 课程与作业-Answer parent's questions is just posted.

6/26/2016 回答奥斯汀家长最近关于preAP课的问题:preAP 课程与作业-Answer parent's questions is just posted.







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